Thursday, 30 August 2012

Life's little mysteries

As a child, it always rather impressed me that my Mum would disappear in to the kitchen and emerge later, hot and flustered presenting us with a roast chicken/beef/lamb, complete with obligatory roast vegetables.  Since my Mum never invited me in to the kitchen to observe, I was fascinated how this cooking magic ocurred.  I wondered at the complexities of a roast lunch and felt determind that I would learn this magic for myself.  It wasn't until I became a wife and mum that the mysteries of cooking a roast became apparent, and a well practised one.  However, I won't forget drawing from the oven my first roast and letting out a happy sigh, it felt good to have overcome one of life's little mysteries, underwhelming in the eyes of a bystander perhaps, but for me certainly one small step in to the world of cooking.

Here are some of my 'happy sighs'....

Pho Ga/Ha Noi style chicken noodle soup in the making

Ca Phe Kem Flan/Vietnamese intrepretation of Creme Caramel made with condensed milk and a dash of coffee

Bun Nem Ran/Ha Noi Style Spring rolls with vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs

Banh Xeo/Crispy Pancake with prawns, quick fried slices of pork served with basil, coriander and spring onions.  Nouc Cham dipping sauce on the side


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