Friday, 24 August 2012

Amazing Angels

I am moved by an article, my Mum sent me.  It is an article about the passing of one of the many courageous characters who made Vietnamese adoptees lives possible.

For most adoptees growing up, without their proper identity both cultural and family, have found life to be full of questions.  One of the big questions, is whether or not it was right for us to have been removed from Vietnam.  The answer seems rational enough.  The orphans fate, in the hands of the communists was uncertain and the western world were unprepared to stand by to wait and see.  From an emotional perspective, we miss all that could have been, our families and a cultural identity.  Some adoptees struggle with this question and others are more fatalistic, but whatever degree an adoptee copes, we can recognise that there were some amazing angels who had the strength to fight on our behalf.  My mother included.

Thank you Elain Joyce Moir and thank you Mum


  1. Amazing Jaki.
    Kim Moir was my boyfriend for a while and I met his amazing Mum Elaine. She was pretty formidable but incredibly inspiring.
    I was meant to be Mali (her daughter's) birth partner too but was lulled into a false sense of security on the big day and arrived at the hospital to see their car at the A&E entrance with all 4 doors wide open. Needless to say I missed the birth!
    Thank you for the post, it bings back some great memories

  2. Joey, That is just incredible. I would love to hear more x