Wednesday, 4 December 2013

big hearts for the Philippines

In November 2013, the Philippines were hit by an incredible typhoon.  It took so many lives and razed towns and villages to the ground.  The images we saw on television, didn't fail to upset and left a lot of us with a great desire to help.

I took the opportunity to make use of my loyal diners, whose big hearts have already made a difference for my causes in Vietnam, and auction off one of my charity dinners for four people to hopefully raise enough to make a meaningful contribution to somebody in the Philippines.  

So with a little bit nervousness I posted on my supper club Facebook page the offer.  I felt nervous as I felt sure my post would just hang embarrassingly in the cyber void.  Wondering if anyone would want to be cooked for by me.  But to my absolute joy and excitement the bids came in thick and fast, and I managed to auction off the dinner for £150.  Then even greater excitement it turns out the diner who won, decided to match the final amount - so we raised £300.

It was so touching to know that my little supper club could make a little difference - amongst those who are the bigger heroes.

I hope the Philippines are soon back on their feet.

From the Facebook page:
Papaya Verte would love to try and contribute something to the Philippines, and I know you would too.
So, if you haven't already contributed to the various charities for the Philippines - which I know many of you have. How about this; I would like to AUCTION off a Papaya Verte special meal for two diners (may be *4 diners). I will cook a four course meal in your home (however, if you do not live in Norwich we may have to negotiate and perhaps find you a romantic spot up here).
The Auction starts today, with the amount starting at £30. and will finish at midnight this Friday 15th of November, 2013. I only ask that when you make a bid, to keep the amounts sensible i.e., no less than £5. increments.
Let the fun begin and pass the word on!
Jaki x
(fingers crossed!)
*4 diners: perhaps bid for a meal with some friends

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