Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Một, Hai, Ba!

One, Two, Three! (một, hai, ba)

Almost over three decades later and after having three of my own babies, I am now in the process of creating my second fundraising idea. 

In Vietnam there are many orphanages, they are set up by either the government, NGOS, volunteers from other countries, returning ex-servicemen and Vietnamese adoptees even.  Whoever is behind these orphanages they all have one goal in mind, and this is to provide a loving, caring and supportive environment for the orphaned or especially disabled children in Vietnam today.

My lifetime goal is to 'give back' or share some of the love and opportunities which have enabled me to live. I held a successful fundraising gig two years ago, by way of setting up a 'pop up' clothes store. I sold donated good quality second hand clothes. The funds raised were donated to Allambie Orphanage

The second fundraising idea is all about food.  Simple and delicious Vietnamese food.

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